2016-03-29_1626At Unique Hue International we believe our four legged friends also need to experience balanced energy in order to feel their best, therefore, we offer Aura and Chakra Photography reading and Colour Therapy for animals. By utilizing the Biopulsar Reflexograph, we explore energy levels and chakra performance in the same manner we do humans.

We have discovered that by touching the animal with one hand while the reflexology points of the other hand are being read via the hand sensor, the information which appears on the computer screen does indeed reflects the animal’s energy.



The valuable information obtained can be used to assist animals achieve optimum health and deal effectively with aches and pains with a healing modality of choice. Colour recommendations are given as well as many different ways to attract those highly beneficial vibrations into your pet’s life whether through colours, crystals, sounds or aroma only to name a few. Knowing with certainty the most beneficial energetic tools to work with eliminates guessing games and trials and errors.

Having the option of doing readings at any locations, Unique Hue International can accommodate for larger animals or animals that are more comfortable in their own space. All we require is a small surface for laptop and printer and access to a source of electricity.

Please note:

  • Allow five minutes with the animal to record the energy
  • The remainder of the session (which can last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes) can be done in a different space
  • Refrain from using hand cream and make sure you are well hydrated prior to the session

* It should also be noted that the accuracy of the reading will be altered by medications as they mask issues, therefore, if the animal is given medications or supplements, the energy will be affected greatly.

Please contact us to schedule a session.