The workshop on colours and chakras Rina offers is well worth the money. I hesitated to sign up because I often get bored at all day events but before I knew it, it was time to go home. With so many things to try out and checking my chakras on the computer screen every so often, the day went by fast. It was very well organized, it ran on time and there were a few bouts of laughter. I will make sure to attend future events Rina offers.

Bonnie D. Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

I’m so grateful I went to this workshop. I thought I knew a lot about chakras and colours but I found out there was a lot I didn’t know. I learned what colours do to my energy and how my body reacts to certain colours. When I put on the red glasses, I was surprised by how they made me feel. It was like an instant grounding session. I purchased a pair and they are now part of my healing journey. What an eye opening day. Thank You.

Louise Carp, Ontario March 24, 2016

What a great day!!!! It was fun yet very informative. I was impressed with the technology because I could see on the computer the blockages in my chakras. Now I know which colour I need to work on in order to feel better.

L.M. Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

I signed up for this workshop not knowing what to expect and I am glad I did. I discovered things about colour vibrations I would have never known if I had not gone to this workshop. Thank You for organizing such a fantastic day.

Susan B. Kanata, Ontario March 24, 2016

I like the idea that most of the products were related to a colour so I knew which ones I should get based on the recommendations I got from my chakra reading. I also like that I could buy smaller bottles to try before spending a lot of money on something I may not like. It was a great evening full of surprising information.

Deborah L. Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

Seeing my aura and all the energy moving around me on the computer was not at all what I expected. I had experienced Kirlian photography before but this is so much better and to get a computer printout of where the energy is blocked in my chakras blew my mind. Now I know for sure what I need to work on and I even know how to do it without spending money. Bonus!!!! Thank you for offering such an informative session.

Aline Dumoulin Maniwaki, Quebec March 24, 2016

What a great presentation. Now I know of so many things I can do to improve my health without spending a fortune. I also appreciated not feeling pressured into buying products or booking a full aura reading.

M Sutton Gatineau, Quebec March 24, 2016

I’ve been on my spiritual path for a few years and I know about the chakras and how they play a role in my physical being, but I didn’t know to which extent they also affected most everything in my life. What an eye opening session that was. Thank You Rina for sharing your knowledge.

Celine, C. Manotick, Ontario March 24, 2016

Healthy scepticism is good. It makes you question things. When I first heard about what Rina does, I was sceptical. How could colours make a difference? Really? I decided to check this out for myself. About six months ago I went to see Rina to see how her fancy color electronics worked. Today, I am a firm believer in what colors and the Chromalive system can do to enhance one’s health. When I started, my chakras were rather messy! I wasn’t sure what we should be treating (the choices were multiple) but my neck was at the top of my list. And bit by bit, my neck situation improved to the point where my chiropractor doesn’t have to work so hard! The bonus, however, is the remarkable lessening of tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in ears). I have gone from about the last 4 to 5 years with constant, loud buzzing to infrequent episodes of minor ringing, which I can usually attribute to weather or physical exertion. Rina’s treatments have contributed to a better health report card for me. I have been using the colour essences, coloured glasses and the CD ‘Through The Rainbow – Music to The Seven Chakras’. These days, my chakras are more balanced and I don’t have to raise the volume of my TV or computer (or my own thoughts!) to hear above the buzzing. My intention is to continue seeing Rina regularly for treatments because it is working for me.

Rina gives each and every client personal recommendations and heartfelt colourful advice. I’ve seen a positive difference in my life. Wouldn’t you like to see that in yours?

Brenda Levesque Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

My session with Rina was very interesting and pleasant. I was intrigued to see all the colours in my aura and the diagnosis it would find. I’ve had abdominal pain for quite some time and the scan was able to immediately determine the chakra associated with that pain since the energy was showing a low number. The system Rina uses, evaluates all our chakras and gives a detailed description for each. Rina worked with her coloured light to treat the pain which went away as the treatment went on. I also received a picture of my aura before and after the coloured light treatment to compare where the energy went and all my chakras were clearly more balanced. I also received information on the colours that I would benefit from the most, the lessons associated with my issues and information on the blocked chakra. I really liked Rina’s approach and her personality. I left the session loaded with information that I can easily incorporate in my daily routine. I’ll be fun to use colours to regain my health and maintain it. Anyone with health issues should definitely try coloured light therapy with Rina.

C.B. Edmundston, New Brunswick March 24, 2016

I had a coloured light treatment with Rina and about an hour post-treatment the sty I have on my lower eyelid is easily 1/2 what it was and my feet are doing much better. This is the first time I’ve had such a good response so quickly.
The aura interpretation is also exactly right on the money.
Thank You Rina.

Kristy Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

I went to see Rina for a Chromalive treatment not knowing what to expect but I was astounded when the arthritic pain I’ve had in my wrist for years was completely gone after less than 5 minutes into the treatment. I will definitely follow Rina’s colour recommendations and go back for more treatments when she comes back to N.B.

GM Edmundston, New Brunswick March 24, 2016

I recently faced a significant health crisis, and I would have welcomed any intervention that would help me overcome this hurdle. I met Rina, and right away her calm, empathetic nature made me feel comfortable. Once she began her treatment program, I immediately began to feel more optimistic and started noticing subtle improvements to my general sense of well being, physically and spiritually. 16 weeks later I am fully recovered and feeling even stronger than ever! A positive outlook and willingness to embrace something new has enriched my life. I can’t say enough about how she has helped me. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. Meet her, speak with her, set goals for yourself and see how she can help you attain them!

LL Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

I met Rina at the Village Clinic in Ottawa. We connected right away. She easily guided me through the knowledge and the technology behind color light therapy. I could see that Rina was passionate about her work and that she truly believed in its potential. The results of my reading were impressive and now I believe in its potential. Rina the Renegade of Light! Namaste!

Eric Soucie Val-Des-Monts, Quebec March 24, 2016

A few days ago I had a chakra balancing treatment with the Chromalive penlight. Rina’s operating skills were gentle but very effective and I can still feel the benefit of the treatment. She also gave me an anti-aging treatment on my face and it has to be experienced to know how wonderful it feels. Thank you Rina so very much.

Royane G. Vancouver, British Columbia March 24, 2016

My treatment session with Rina was for lower back pain and WOW I was so impressed with the results after one session of color light therapy. Also some of the suggestions she made to include more red in my daily life gave me extra energy when I needed it the most. On days when I need to feel more grounded she recommended blue tones. AMAZING, it does work, try it. Thank you so much Rina!!!

Camille Ottawa, Ontario March 24, 2016

Rina has treated me with her color therapy and the results were amazing. She is passionate about what she does and is devoted to helping people. A visit with Rina could change your life.

Linda J. Kanata Ontario March 21, 2016

This particular healing module is like nothing I have ever tried. I was beyond impressed with how Rina linked up a technology and science to something so ethereal as an energy field! I was able to see on paper the state of balance in my Chakra system as a whole, and the print-offs that were provided gave me a detailed analysis of specific organs. I loved how my physicality as a whole was connected up to some broader lessons that I am learning on my soul’s journey. Because of my session with Rina, I was actually able to re-align my back after throwing it out, because I recognized the spiritual lesson behind my injury.

Elizabeth M. Ottawa, Ontario March 21, 2016

Rina’s amazing Aura Photography machine is stunning and has multiple functions which can only enhance your well-being and personal growth journey. If you are searching for ways to know yourself better or find out where you are blocked or out of balance, then Rina can help. Using colour therapy and products, as well as a huge array of information about how your body is functioning, Rina is able to help you get re-balanced in a plethora of different ways. An amazing and useful tool for your journey!

Kerry Palframan, RN Summerland, British Columbia March 21, 2016

I was very impressed with the reading I had with you in person and have been wearing red ever since. It’s been very helpful and energizing. Thank you Rina.

DS Ottawa, Ontario March 21, 2016

Hi Rina, it’s been almost a week since I saw you and wow- I’ve been wearing the red glasses on average three hours per day and it’s making a big difference. I feel less scattered and more focused to do what I need like yoga regularly and EFT more frequently because I see I have lots to clear but it seems I’m doing it in a more grounded way now. The tools you have mastered such as the biofield imaging and analysis exceeded my expectations, I really had no idea how relevant this reading would be. I look forward to doing it again and to seeing my root chakra strong and balanced thanks to the fun remedies you “prescribed”. All of my life (so far) I felt a strong dislike for the colour red and I understand now that it was just calling me. Thank you so very much! May the blessings be!

Nathalie Val-Des-Monts, Quebec March 21, 2016

Rina, I want to say thank you. Since last night’s session, I feel like I have a new lease on life!
It is also a relief knowing that because of your service, I will always be able to nip in the butt any disease or imbalance before it sets in deeply into the physical. For the first time in many years, I went about my day today confident that I can take on anything in life because I will always be able to know which spaces in my energy field need to be replenished.

Mirella Ottawa, Ontario March 21, 2016

Captivating subject!!! Information was well presented with enough time for questions. Highly recommend it.

D.T., Orleans, Ontario March 18, 2016

I never paid much attention to colours and I didn’t realize how much impact they have on me and my family. I left the presentation with many ideas on simple things I can do to improve my health and my life all around. It will be very helpful. Thank You.

C. Anderson Ottawa, Ontario March 18, 2016

Well worth the money. So much info that I can use every day. Can’t wait to get started.

Marianne Levesque Aylmer, Quebec March 18, 2016

I’m not one to sit through a 3hr talk but this was so interesting, it made the evening go by fast. I learned things about colours that I never would have thought, I was shocked. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you Rina.

Sophie W., Gatineau Quebec March 18, 2016