2016-03-30_1550If your practice involves any of the wide range of alternative health care and offers energy based healing modalities, if you are a yoga instructor or a spa owner, if you are a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, naturopath, Ayurvedic practitioner or if your practice offers Western type medicine, you can benefit from the information a Biopulsar Reflexograph provides.

Unique Hue International can present a visual proof of how any form of treatments, exercises, remedies, supplements, products, foods or thoughts affects the body on a physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual level. Utilizing a gold plated sensors hand plate measuring the level of energy in forty-three body parts and organs, including eight brain parameters, via the hand’s reflexology points, enables us to produce before and after images which provide a visual, both in colour aura pictures as well as numbers.



Such information reflects the overall well being of clients, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each of the forty-three reflexology points, being specific to a body part or organ, is assigned a number from one to ten called a vitality scale number, indicating how much energy is being consumed by each body part or organ. The higher the number, the more energy is being directed to that area of the body.

The vitality scale numbers from a baseline reading are recorded and used to compare all other data. That reading is performed before treatments or exercises and is repeated after the session, allowing for comparison of colours in the aura as well as the vitality scale numbers. Such information demonstrates whether there is an increase or a decrease of energy in any of the forty-three body parts and organs being scanned, which part of the body is being affected and to what extent. For instance, a liver with a vitality scale number of four at the baseline reading, showing a vitality scale number of seven after treatment would indicate the treatment is boosting the liver, giving it energy, whereas, if the vitality scale number decreases to a one, it would indicate the treatment is depleting the liver of energy.

We present a bridge between the more conventional type medicine and a scientifically proven holistic diagnostic overview. The practices offering energy type healing modalities also benefit by having a visual of where the healing energy is being absorbed within the body. This system can be utilized as a preventive health care method by correcting imbalances before symptoms develop.

biopulsarWe highly recommend regular Biopulsar scans for the benefit of both, client and practitioner. It is important for clients to see their progression as to not get discouraged when changes are not easily noticeable or if the healing process is lengthy. The Biopulsar is a great way to show clients progress is being made as it detects subtle energy changes. Practitioners benefit from their clients having regular scans as it will allow for changes to be made in the client’s treatment program based on the information the new scan provides. It is also beneficial to monitor closely if a client’s mental or emotional response to a treatment shifts during treatment.

The same concept applies for determining how any products such as remedies, supplements, vitamins or foods affect the body. A baseline reading is obtained before the product being tested is held at the heart centre while the reflexology points of the other hand are being read. Comparison of the aura colours and vitality scale numbers are then displayed.

Thoughts, visualizations and affirmations also affect the body’s energy, therefore, the same process applies to confirm their impact at the mental, emotional and spiritual level. Once the data from the baseline reading is collected, affirmations, thoughts or visualizations are repeated. At this time the data is studied to note the body’s response.
Clients’ assessment can be done on site or at any chosen location.

Important Things to Note:

  • Please allow fifteen minutes per scan
  • Clients need to be well hydrated and refrain from using hand cream prior to their reading
  • Medication will alter the accuracy of the data as medications mask issues

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