Everyone has a field of energy known as an aura, and much can be discovered when looking at the aura and knowing the meaning behind each colour. The aura consists of the vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual body of a human being. It displays thoughts and emotions on conscious and subconscious levels. This connection of the mind and body is displayed by the colours in the aura and the vitality of the organs.

The body also has vortexes of energy constantly spinning in a circular motion which are called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “Energy Wheel”. The seven main chakras are located in a straight line in the centre of the physical body and each governs specific body parts and organs as well as aspects connected to all levels of our being.

Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency. All matter (including colours) vibrates, which means chakras are affected by colours vibrating at similar frequencies. When life’s challenges, trials, and tribulations are not resolved, it might result in stagnation of energy referred to as blockages, in one or more chakras. Over time, this stagnation will manifest as pain, illnesses, diseases or disharmony on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Therefore, if a chakra can be stimulated or unblocked before the manifestation of physical ailments occur, optimum health can be achieved and maintained.

Unique Hue International offers aura photography in real time utilizing a system called the Biopulsar Reflexograph, which shows the constant movement of energy with detailed interpretation. We also provide photographs of the chakras revealing any blockages with the help of the same system. Such sophisticated technology allows us to see where the energy is dispersed throughout the body by analyzing forty-three reflexology points inside the hand with a gold plated sensor hand plate. Each point, being specific to a different organ or body part, is assigned a number from one to ten, called a vitality scale number, indicating how much energy is being consumed by each body part or organ.


Our aura and chakra reading includes one 4×6 picture of the aura along with interpretation and a print-out of all forty-three vitality scale numbers. The root cause for each body part or organ showing an imbalance of energy is then explored. The reading also includes one 4×6 photograph of the chakra system and a print-out of the chakras’ performance in percentages along with a page of information on the chakra(s) showing a blockage. Each session also includes Colour Therapy in which we provide many suggestions on different ways to attract, in daily life, the colour vibrations required to stimulate and unblock those specific chakras or assist with specific issues.

With all the information offered in one session, you will acquire ample knowledge to take full advantage of all the benefits colours can bring in order to attain equilibrium. A large portion of our products available for purchase are colour-coded which makes it easier to choose products that are of greater benefit to you.

Important Things to Note:

  • Allow one hour for the session
  • Please make sure you are well hydrated and refrain from using hand cream prior to your reading.
  • Also take note that medication will alter the accuracy of the data as medications mask issues.

Please contact us to schedule a session.


Rina has treated me with her color therapy and the results were amazing. She is passionate about what she does and is devoted to helping people. A visit with Rina could change your life.

Linda J. Kanata Ontario March 21, 2016

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