DSC_4856Unique Hue International utilizes a biofeedback device called the Biopulsar Reflexograph. The sciences behind this system includes ancient disciplines from Ancient India, Greece and Egypt as well as more recent proven philosophies, understanding the link between the physical body, its energetic process and cellular memory. Ayuevedic Medicine, Bioenergetics, Biofeedback, Neural-Therapy, Chinese Oriental Medicine (TOM), Reflexology and the Science of Colour are all sciences behind the Biopulsar Reflexograph.

The Biopulsar gold plated sensors hand plate measures the energy level of forty-three body parts and organs, assigning each part with a number from one to ten, called vitality scale numbers. Those numbers indicate where the energy is going within the body and how much energy is absorbed by each of the forty-three body parts and organs being scanned. Lower vitality scale numbers indicate a lack of energy in that area of the body, whereas higher vitality scale numbers indicate which body parts or organs require a lot of energy to function. During an Aura and Chakra Photography session, the root cause of such energy imbalance is further explored.


Once the hand is placed on the Biopulsar Relexograph’s hand plate, the aura, in real time, is projected on a computer screen. The process also allows for a visual performance of the chakra system, detecting any blockages.

The measurements through the hand reflexology points coupled with the colour visual and the vitality scale numerical values is a concept unique to the Biopulsar. It gives the capability to see and analyze the interactions between thoughts, emotions and the body’s well being, specializing in Colour Energetics.

Widely used in Europe in the medical field to assist with diagnoses, the Biopulsar technology can access information allowing for the instant discovery of the body’s state, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.