Colour Therapy has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greek and Chinese all used Colour Therapy in different applications. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the spectrum analysis which was the basis needed for scientific proof that colours not only affect feelings and thoughts but the physical body as well.

It has also been proven that everything vibrates. From thoughts, actions, foods, sounds all the way to colours, everything has a vibrational frequency, therefore, all things vibrating at the same frequency as the colour required to reach a desired outcome, help attain results.

The cells in our body also vibrate at specific frequencies. Those vibrational frequencies which consist of light waves (photons) are the way in which cells communicate with each other. When a blockage or a breakdown in communication between cells occurs creating an imbalance of energy, health issues can manifest, not only at a physical level but also at a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Balance can be restored with Colour Therapy, which promotes healing by giving the cells the energy vibration they require to regain their state of homeostasis and that can be accomplished by stimulating those cells with the same frequency at which they vibrate, with the use of colours.

At Unique Hue International, we determine which colour frequencies each individual would most benefit from in order to attain balance at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, thus, experiencing optimum health. Some of our recommendations can be found in daily activities and household items, making Colour Therapy simple and affordable.

We strongly recommend an Aura and Chakra Photography reading in order to accurately determine which colours would be most beneficial. It is not uncommon to experience what we refer to as deferred pain, when issues originate from a different area in which they are felt. With each Aura and Chakra Photography session, we provide many suggestions on different ways specific colours can be attracted simply by being mindful of the choices being made throughout the day. The Biopulsar Reflexograph, also determines the emotions behind issues which lead to the root cause of those issues allowing for the healing process to be more efficient.

To assist with achieving balance, most of our products available for purchase are colour coded which facilitates choosing the most beneficial products for specific needs.Please contact us to schedule a consultation.