Unique Hue International provides a wide range of services designed to assist in gaining new insights about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being by bringing awareness to the power of colours.

Colours are everywhere: we cannot escape them. Being aware of the effects they have on our life and the extent to which we can make them work to our benefit can help us achieve healthier, more balanced lives. Unique Hue International helps promote natural healthy living by making recommendations on how to use colours to their full potential in everyday life. We recommend specific colour vibrations to attract in order to bring harmony and balance to people’s inner and outer worlds.

Unique Hue International has something for everyone, even your pets. If you are dealing with particular issues or prefer information unique to you, we offer personal sessions with our Aura and Chakra photography and Chromalive Treatments. If your preference is a group setting or if you are simply curious to find out more about Colour Therapy and the chakra system, we can assist you with our interactive presentations, fun workshops, and informative eye-opening courses. Our seminars will provide you with valuable information which can easily be applied in your daily life.

Your pets can also benefit with a Pets’ Energy Assessment session in which you will discover the imbalances in their energetic field.
We also carry a large selection of unique products to support you in your journey or that you can offer to others as thoughtful, distinctive gifts.
At Unique Hue International, we are confident we can empower anyone on their quest to live a happier, healthier life by sharing our knowledge. Allow us to guide you in discovering your true colours.