My spiritual journey began after reaching a very low point in my life, having nowhere and no one to turn to in the physical realm, I turned to the Spiritual realm out of desperation. The hardship was indeed a blessing in disguise for which I will be eternally grateful. Not without its challenges and road blocks, it is an ongoing journey filled with discoveries.



Hello, my name is Rina Soucy, owner of Unique Hue International.

It was through exploring with this world of unknown and unexplained where energy seemed to be the focal point, that I discovered the wonderful world of colours with all its revelations. After many years of experimenting with various modalities, all of them equally powerful in their own individual way, it was not until I realized how much power colours have and how effortless its application was, that I began expanding my knowledge. It quickly became a passion.

Residing in Ottawa at the time and working full time in the medical field, I started studying colours for my own personal knowledge. Shortly after, I found myself talking about the healing properties of colours to friends and family which rapidly catapulted into a part time home based business.

Five years later, in June of 2015, I moved to Victoria and decided to make what once was a part time practice into a full time endeavour. Thus far, I have acquired my certification in aura interpretation, colour therapy and coloured light therapy and am constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of colour vibrations.

My main goal is to bring awareness and provide you with valuable tools and information to attain balance in your inner and outer world. My inspiration is witnessing the positive changes my clients experience as a result of bringing the perfect colours into their life.